Thames Barrier

I love this little spot of the river Thames. It’s just on the Southbank, near to Waterloo bridge and can be very scenic. Waterloo Bridge itself offers some of the best night time views in London, and this spot (when not under water) allows you to get under the pier, offers a little sand and a little pebble beach, has a view above of the Oxo Tower, and St Paul’s Cathedral in the background.

I was on a mini photowalk a few weeks ago when I took this shot. The tide was just going back out and the sand was completely unspoiled by human foot so, much like fresh snow, it was irresistible to me and I had to go and walk in it.

The tree branch was likely swept down river and deposited there with the tide, but it gave me something for the foreground other than the usual rocks so I was happy enough with that.

What the metal barrier (just on the edge of the water) was doing there, however, I had no idea at all.

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