A Room Without A View

There was something missing with this bare room after I had first processed the image. Perhaps it was the lack of features; sure it had a sink, a heater and a nice round window – and I suppose the carpet came up okay; but there was still something not quite right with it and I thought it needed a little bit more.

And so I decided to use my first ever texture layer in an image to try and give it that little bit more detail.

In fact…I used two!

First up, I turned to Viveca Koh, who I have seem use textures many times before to great effect. In particular I read her post “Communication” – The Making of An Image.

This essentially showed me how to actually add a layer with a texture and use the different blending modes.

First of all I added this layer which was from the side of a train, an image I took on Sunday.

I set this layer to ‘overlay’ and reduced the opacity before erasing some of the content, especially on the carpet where I felt it wasn’t needed.

I then turned to Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse Creations and used the RaggedyAnd texture. This one I set to ‘soft light’ and again reduced the opacity and erased in places where it wasn’t needed.

These texture layers certainly add to the image, and I think I like the end result. I’m sure I’ll be repeating this process further down the line to try and add a little ‘oomph’ to an image that is otherwise a bit bare and bland.

7 thoughts on “A Room Without A View”

  1. Thank you all for your comments, appreciated – I’m sure there will be more textures in the future.

  2. Fantastic shot and work. You’ve inspired me to go out and shoot some HDR image an fiddle with the layers. Do you have a twitter I can follow?

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