Busted and Rusted

The last stop on our urbex tour this weekend was a spot of railway track where a load of old trains are taken to die (well, to have parts stripped as needed and used for other trains). There were some beautiful carriages here, and by beautiful I mean old and worn and weather beaten. I’m looking forward to processing a few of the shots taken in this location and took the opportunity to walk around with ha hand held 50mm for a lot of it.

Behind the broken slats of wood is an old cardboard box which was bursting out of the train so I tried to cram it back in as best as I could and move the broken wood around a little to conceal it, as it really didn’t add anything to the scene.

This particular carriage was a gorgeous little thing which I’ll hope to show you in full at a later date, but I particularly liked this detail shot which has some great textures in the broken wood, peeling paint and lovely rust.

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