I’m back from a three day urbex trip and am pretty tired this morning. I had only scheduled posts up until Sunday so decided to knock out the above image quickly upon my return, with eyes drooping and my bed calling my name.

I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would in the 10 or so locations that we visited, and in some places I didn’t take any at all, partially due to the fact those particular locations ended up being pretty poor with nothing of interest, or because we were rumbled by various security folk shortly after entering.

I feel I have a cold coming on also, which is likely due to the levels of exercise I did, the lack of sleep, the places I was in when I did sleep, a lack of decent food and the general dirty atmospheres we were in. Two locations in particular were pretty ripe settings to develop histoplasmosis; one particular place I couldn’t help but stand on dead pigeons let alone their faeces.

The image above was taken in an old tool makers. It was towards the end of Friday and the light was pretty decent by the time we got here – and it really was the light that made this place a decent one, probably the best location of the day. I really liked how the light was hitting this wall and door at this particular point, and ignored the pigeon that was fluttering away behind me trying to get out of the room.

I’m looking forward to working through the images I did take and finding a few to process, and am hopeful that tonight will be quite productive, however with the way I feel just now I fear I may not even get the tags done before finding myself crawling into bed.

5 thoughts on “A Door To Somewhere”

  1. I also like the lighting on the door, was that how you actually found the scene, or did you enhance it in post processing, Michael? Great textures in this image.

  2. Thanks guys.

    Wayne, here is the -2 exposure which shows the light that was in the image pre-process.

  3. I have to say that I do like the original image quite a lot, but the main one does work really well. Beautiful colours in both though.

    Your trip sounds exhausting, fun, grubby, entertaining, rank in equal measures – I’m not sure whether someone who has never been exploring would want to or not after reading this!

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