Speed of Light

Today we have another image from the archives, and also another image from the top navigation banner of this site; I’m working my way through these so that you can see them in all their glory.

This particular image was taken one night sat in the middle of the road on Tower Bridge. I was sat low down just in front of a traffic island, but the cars were coming pretty close and pretty fast so I didn’t want to stay out there for too long, I think I was there for 15-20 minutes in total. Anyone who has tried to shoot light trails will probably know that it can be quite difficult as you need to get two steady streams of traffic on either side and hope that they are interesting enough to leave decent lights.

In this particular image, I have a bus on the left hand side moving away from me over the bridge, and a lorry on the right hand side coming towards me off the bridge. It’s actually two exposures which I have merged into one as I simply did not get one shot off where I had decent trails on both sides!

This image in the banner is used for my Twitter account. You’re welcome to follow @murphyz if you don’t already, though be warned that I’m not the best tweeter and haven’t really got the hang of things such as Follow Friday and I don’t RT and such as much as I should. I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to follow me and #FF and RT me along the way though – you guys are cool and so much better at this stuff than I am.

As this image is all to do with speed and cars, I think it’s pretty apt to mention that the new Formula 1 season is starting in around a week’s time with the Australian Grand Prix. If you’re a fan of this then you’re welcome (and highly encouraged) to head on over to my forum at www.murphyz.com where I run an annual predictions league. It’s a small and friendly bunch who take part, so that means you’ll have more chance to win a prize by taking part with little competition. You’ll need to sign up as a member to take part…but that takes just seconds! I hope to see you there, and good luck for anyone taking part. At some point in the future I’ll explain a little bit more about the forum and my other interests, probably when I publish the ‘about me’ image.

3 thoughts on “Speed of Light”

  1. I can relate to stranding in the island with the traffic whizzing by. Last week we were on a train platform, maybe two feet from the edge of the platform, which seemed only about 30 inches from the tracks, when a freight train blasted through at about 70 mph. Sitting in my power chair with my camera on the tripod in front of me and feeling the wind from the train cars whipping by and hearing the tremendous noise it all made was unnerving. And to top it all off, I did not get any good images, as we were surprised by the appearance of the train, the really do come though surprisingly fast in an area with a lot of level grade crossings.

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