Here’s one from my archives. It’s a close-up shot of a Flywheel from the James Simpson, or Waddon, engine currently on location at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum. I visited it on suggestion of a friend and it was a pretty interesting place, with four of the major pumps being started up the day we were there for an extra treat.

I think that this is also the first shot posted on this blog which isn’t HDR, is handheld, and is pretty much straight out of the camera with a little cropping and a bit of sharpness added.

For context, you can view an image of the engine – this close up is of the main flywheel you see in this image – it’s pretty darn big! I was stood in front of the flywheel (so at the right hand side of the linked image) – I really have no idea though where the black background came from as that’s completely natural. I used a 50mm 1.8, and have no recollection of anything dark being in the background – it worked out very well for this shot though.