Baby Steps

This is the final of my West Park images for now, I hope you have enjoyed the 13 images I’ve put up in total – and haven’t been too bored that there have been 12 in a row.

Last time I visited the creche I am sure it was emptier than it was on this visit as I really can’t remember seeing things such as this cot, and many of the other items that had been left around. I suppose the first visit was my first trip to an asylum so I was less aware of my surroundings somehow, as I don’t these items have suddenly been moved in from elsewhere.

The tiny shoes that I’ve set as main point of focus in front of the cot were laying around out of view in the corner of the room, so I positioned these and straightened up a few of the square tiles on the floor a little. With hindsight I wish I had moved the shoes forward a lot more so that they are separated from the cot more. Nevermind.

As this particular image is published I will be one day into a three day urbex trip taking in various asylums, schools, churches, breweries, and so on. Hopefully that means there will be a nice chunk of images to process over the coming weeks. I still have other images from this location so I’m sure a few will be making their way back on to the blog at some point.

I hope you have a nice weekend, and here’s the other images I put up of West Park should you have missed any of them:

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