A Seat By The Fire

I’m not too sure what the fireplace cover type piece of wood is in this shot. It was hinged on the left hand side with another part of it going back to the fireplace, so I guess it could be the remnants of playhouse of some sort but I didn’t see any traces of the rest of it anywhere (if I had I doubt I would have resisted the urge to piece it together and have a little play in in to be honest).

One of the issues I’ve had with many of these West Park images is that there has been pretty much nothing but grey sky outside the windows and this appears like a blown out white in most of the shots. I was happy that this one at least had some part of the wing behind it which allows for a little view out of the window.

I’m going away for a few days so have scheduled some posts in advance – hurrah for WordPress! There’s another coming up from West Park and then I’m digging into the archives a little as I simply don’t have the time to process a whole batch in advance. Do you guys leave a bunch on standby or do you tend to just process an image each day? How do you work around the busy times in your life and maintain a consistent post rate?

3 thoughts on “A Seat By The Fire”

  1. Love the dramatic processing and the great texture in the walls and floor.

    I’m more of a process the night before type of guy. Most times when I go away I take a break from my daily posting.

  2. I love this – it’s eerie and cool at the same time. The light from the window behind you (I assume) is perfect – it seems to be highlighting the space where both the chair and the ‘fireplace cover?’ are faced – kinda like the light, chair and fireplace are all focused on the same thing that cannot be seen by us. I think it makes your title very good for this photo.

    I have the same questions you do: I don’t have time to process a photo every night, much less write something and get it posted. I’ve been very inconsistent with posting and don’t know how I’d do one a day at any time. I usually do one when I have time some evening and schedule it to be posted the next morning.

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