The Throne Room

I would hate to see the results of any tests run of the germs in the toilets of these abandoned hospitals. The plumbing is long gone, but I’m sure people (most likely those who are exploring) use them to relieve themselves. Oddly, the smell is usually not that pungent, it just seems to seep into the stale air to join the rest of the decay.

This particular toilet appeared to be quite unique as it had some toilet roll in place, not something you often see. How long it’s been there I don’t know – I didn’t bother touching it to see if fell apart in my hands.

I seemed to take this photo at a really weird angle. Whereas at the time I think that I just wanted to try and get in the toilet roll, the toilet itself and the sink, I seemed to have managed to have lines that were at odd angles throughout in the original shot which you can see below. As such I spent some time trying to distort, and skew and change the perspective in a way that allowed me to then crop without losing too much detail, and so that the lines were pretty straight and at the same time without distorting the main focal points too much. I think it turned out quite well in the end, and I was then free to continue with the rest of the processing.

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  1. LOL!!! I really like how you make it look way more gross than it was. Great editing.

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