Take a Seat

I remember that I used to sit in these types of chairs in school, bright orange with a bendy-ish back and a convenient hole to interact with the person in front with – teasing the girls by poking them with a pencil, and injuring the boys by poking them with a compass. It’s good to see what was used for my school was also used for hospitals around that time, and indeed before.

I also remember how we used to run up to one of these chairs and jump on it with one foot and place your second foot on the chair back, which would turn the chair over onto it’s back and – when done successfully – make you look pretty cool as you ran over it. I didn’t bother trying that with these chairs at this time – I think any excessive momentum of flipping a chair over with my added weight would have meant both the chair and myself would be on our backs, and probably one floor lower at the same time.

The chairs here actually look a little more inviting than they did on location, which is nice. The same room had one of those holes in the wall with little doors so I think it may have been some sort of relaxation room that allowed you do get food prepared in an adjoining room. I like to think that the patients in this ward used to sit in one of these chairs by the window eating a nice hot bowl of soup on a wintry day, looking outside at the snow on the ground.

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