They Left In A Hurry

This was the same room as I took Wednesday’s image. As I first walked into this room it was this suitcase, laying in a puddle in the middle of the floor, that first caught my eye.

There were a few of us moving around and lining up shots on this level so I had to move a few bits and pieces of camera gear/bags that people had put down, and wait for others to take their shots, and then wait a little longer for any disturbances made to the water from people passing through had all died down; then I was finally able to line up and take a couple of shots.

It was only after I had finished shooting the rest of the room (which was essentially just Wednesday’s image) and was on my way back out that I noticed this old sandal sitting on the floor. I decided to get behind it and take one last shot of the suitcase sat in the middle of the room and ensuring this old shoe was in the shot, but not as the focal point. I think it certainly adds a little to the scene and turned out better than the other shots I took that had nothing but the suitcase and reflections to look at.

It was pretty bright outside, and overcast, so though the middle window looks completely blown out that’s not terribly far from how it actually looked, which is a little annoying as a bit of blue sky, or a tree or something on the outside, would have been much nicer for the image than the huge mass of light that’s coming in.

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