The Monty Hall Variant

Some of you may know of the Monty Hall paradox, a probability puzzle involving a game show host, three doors and a goat. If you don’t, check it out on Wikipedia.

Obviously this image has four doors rather than three, and all of them are open rather than closed – hence why I have used the word Variant in the title. Though, to be honest, the title of this post does just sound like it could be an episode of the The Big Bang Theory.

The shot is another from West Park which is the running theme throughout this week. I had such a good time there on Sunday and am really enjoying working through the brackets taken and picking out ones that I wish to process. I should be returning there again this weekend so will likely bore you with more of them…but I’ll try and get some variation into the posts at some point in the near future – perhaps I’ll dig into my shoebox over this weekend and pull out a nice non-HDR macro or similar to really shake things up.

I really like how the doors are open in this shot and the fact that each of them are casting a shadow which breaks up the otherwise quite light corridor. The shot itself was an unexpected treat. I knew this area didn’t go anywhere and we needed to take stairs at another part of this ward to get to where we wanted to; entry to this section was across a small beam of decaying wood where the rest of the floor had fallen in already, and one of our party managed to put his foot through a part of the floor that remained. After edging across that beam this was pretty much the only shot that was there, but I’m glad I went ahead and took it as I feel it turned out quite well.

Disappointingly there was no goat behind any of the doors.

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