Left Luggage

I was pretty happy to stumble onto this corner of the asylum. An old bed with suitcases on it, a couple of doors to the left (though I cropped one out), some great textures in the peeling walls and that lovely green mess that was building itself up on the floor. It’s a scene I looked at and simply thought ‘I sure can work with this’.

I took a few different shots of this scene from different angles, but in the end I really liked it best just facing it straight on and without seeing what was in the corridor behind the door.

I’m really enjoying going through the images I took from this asylum last weekend. My trip certainly made up for the previous attempt there and I managed to get several great brackets. It’s a shame I couldn’t have seen it in it’s prime, and that it’s now being ripped down – but I’m arranging another trip back there in the near future to try and do a few more shots I have ideas for.

There are still more images to come from my last session though…

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