Hung Out To Dry

Another shot from West Park. After arriving on the property I made my way through the same entrance as previously and walked through a few corridors I hadn’t been down before in an attempt to get a phone signal. I found a set of stairs and thought up would be the best way as the higher I was the better chance for a signal…eventually I got one and received a text with the location of a few buddies who were already on site.

“We’re in the padded cell” was the message.

Hmm…I had no idea where that was, so I pulled up the map of West Park on my phone and clicked through the helpful locations of key sights that I had recently put onto the map with the aid of my previous visit and a handy set of information provided to me by a fellow urbexer last year.

Google maps is all well and good for giving you the general location of a place, but how to get there between everything that’s been borded up is another story. The location was actually in a place that was fully locked down and boarded up on my last visit, so I was pleased to be able to see this now and headed off in that general direction, eventually finding the right floor and location to hook up with the others.

As they had been on location for a while and were keen to move on to other rooms I didn’t stay in this wing for too long, and had a quick couple of shots in a few different parts.

The coat in the image above was one item that stood out as I walked past a particular room and casually glanced through the door. It’s likely been shot a hundred times before, I’m not sure how long it’s been hanging there for, but a simple straight view really did nothing for me in this instance. It was pretty eye catching on that glimpse through the door, but extremely flat and ‘set up’ when looking at it through the lens.

There were several other photographers around who seemed to be taking plain old straight on shots, and not enough inspiration in the room itself to come at it from a unique angle and make it different.

‘Hmm…angle’ I thought to myself. ‘Why not try this one at a bit of an angle?’

So I angled the camera on the ball head and it immediately came to life for me so I was finally happy enough with the composition.

Back at the PC I really liked the angle still, but the colours were doing nothing for me at all so I opted to try the black and white which I will often attempt on an image now when it’s not feeling quite right. As soon as I did this it leapt out at me even more and I now really started liking the look of it.

A little added blur to separate it further from the room itself and I was finally happy with the result.

It took me a little time to think of a suitable title, with stuff like ‘Hanging Around’ and ‘Dry Cleaning’ passing through my mind. Eventually I settled on ‘Hung Out To Dry’ and I’m happy with this as it could represent the fact the coat has indeed been left hanging out in order to dry, but also the idiomatic meaning of being abandoned in a time of trouble, which fits the location quite well I thought.

Out of interest, here is the image I rejected and the original colouring of the one I processed.

4 thoughts on “Hung Out To Dry”

  1. BW works well with this – there inst enough contrast difference in the original unless you a were going to go for that style of processing. I often forget to take the ‘angle’ shot which often works nicely in these places.

    The coat was originally in the little room with the other coats halfway between two floors, its not been there that long.

    Hopefully going to take a trip here on Sunday 🙂

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