Glimmer of Hope

Here’s another shot from the derelict girls school that I visited a couple of weeks ago; it’s really an old manor house with floors that are falling through and is in a bit of a state. To date I think it’s had the least stable floors of any location I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

When I looked into this room the first thing that grabbed my attention was the black and white chequered floor. I hate to reference Harry Potter again but it did remind me of the scene towards the end of the first book where the trio had to get through the battle chess board and I imagined this scene to be the aftermath of that with parts of the broken chess pieces lying around.

Apart from the floor the room was pretty standard and nothing too special. As I was processing this shot I felt the window wasn’t quite enough as it was. If it had been a little more in view then I could have worked with it as a focal point but it wasn’t quite at the right angle for me to use it. Instead I opted to create a few light rays coming in through the window. I’m new to light rays, and feel the original source of light, the window itself, wasn’t quite enough to give me the beams that I wanted – however I’m reasonably happy with the effect it has given as a result.

Perhaps as I improve I will look back on this and think the rays are horrible, but then that’s natural when you look back at your work and find your skill set has improved.

I would love to know your thoughts on whether you feel the light rays are realistic or not, and of course any tips you may have on how to improve in this area. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Glimmer of Hope”

  1. Nice shot – As for the light rays -they’re pretty good. I’ve always found them hard to work with and quite often add them then decide to remove after failing to get them to look how I like. I think the hardest challenge is getting them to extend to a floor or wall and masking them correctly.
    In this image they are heading south west, but the light on the left wall is a little higher and brighter than the rays would suggest . .
    I always felt that rays worked best in large rooms where you can be a bit more subtle.
    I’m being overly critical, and perfectionist, and I’m sure you realise that. Its a great image and you’ve done a lovely job of the processing.

    I really like Lillesden – been there 5 or 6 times over the last two years – I’ve seen the floors get progressively worse and I don’t think it’ll be long before the room to the left of the dome will be in the floor below!

  2. Thanks for your comment Mark, I agree that making them extend to the desired surface is a challenge, and one I certainly failed at here. I can easily see that places breaking through in a few places!

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