Private Property

The end (of the week) is nigh!

This is another shot taken from my weekend away a few weeks ago and was taken from the edge of a cliff looking back inland. I liked the sign and rickety fence which was (badly) guarding the spot of an old lighthouse which has been moved inland slightly due to erosion. That lighthouse is the one you see in the image, and is Belle Tout which also serves as a bed and breakfast.

As I was processing this shot I didn’t really warm to the colours of the rolling fields in comparison to the grey cloudy sky, and so I opted to give it a more apocalyptic feel by pretty much washing out all of the colour within and leaving a nice orange tint in the sky.

I did take a photo of the same sign but looking the other way, over the cliffs to the ocean, but there isn’t really enough in that image to warrant processing, and the effect of the private property sign is lost due to the fact there is no real land in the image. I much prefer it looking in this direction where you can see that there is actually something behind the fence.

3 thoughts on “Post-apocalyptic Property”

  1. Excellent work on this shot, the way you’ve explained your decision gives a good idea of what it was like up there even without seeing te pictures…well for me anyways, as it’s only down the road from me so to speak. Know this place well. Top notch!

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