First Aid Box

A couple of months ago I took a photo of a telephone. I remember my buddy who was with me wondering why I was framing up a telephone that sat on a wall and looked pretty uninspiring. I too thought it was a little boring when I was looking at it on my PC at home and wondering just what to do with it.

I then realised it would work as a diptych showing the states of the telephone box being open and closed. It suddenly offered new life to the image.

You can see my telephone image here.

Of course with the knowledge that you can combine a couple of photos to add to the effect, or in some cases create a story, I saw the above first aid box on the wall of an abandoned train depot and knew that I wanted to do something similar here. Whereas the telephone showed a box which featured a nice phone when opened, this first aid box was pretty much the opposite and was revealed to be empty upon opening it.

I find these diptychs work really well with objects that can be in various states but still maintain the same background and encourage you to give them a go if you’re viewing something and feeling a little uninspired by it. I did think about making this one an actual triptych with a third image of a full first aid kit which I found at the same location, but having two identical backgrounds from the above scene and one that was completely different didn’t work for me. I think in those cases you do need three images that compliment each other, but are actually quite unique to be able to tell a story and provide a fuller picture when placed together.

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