Rotten Reflections

This is another shot of the mills that I visited at the weekend. I only spent time in the smaller section of this vast mill, and as I understand it there isn’t really much to see here. Somehow I managed to spend a few hours seeing this nothing, getting a feel for the place, working my way around the unstable floors and staircases and, of course, imagining how life used to be actually working in a place such as this.

I’ll be returning to see the bigger ‘interesting’ section one time when I have a day or so to spare but am pretty happy with many of the shots taken in this section.

I figure if I process this batch I’ll really get a feel for what I want to achieve with the next set on my revisit which will, I hope, lead to better and more interesting images.

I think this image doesn’t have much to see, but does have a lot going on. I like the grain chute, but it’s hiding behind the column. I like the chair, but it’s empty and serves no purpose. I like the green buildup on the floor, but it’s hiding the reflections that would normally offer a bit of symmetry.

I hope you find something interesting to look at as you glance around the scene.

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments everyone.

    Jesse, yes this is exactly where the TMNT were formed…and next time I go I will dress as a giant rat 🙂

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