I have a regular post scheduled, but I may be moving them to a different time slot for publication so this next one, at least, will be published tomorrow at around 2pm GMT.

In the mean time, I recently ordered a set of ‘Mini cards’ from moo.com and am pretty darn pleased with them.

For less than £20 I had delivered 100 cards, with various of my own photos as the images and my logo and text of choice on the return side, along with a handy little container which carries 12 cards so it’s a great way to carry a few cards with you at all times. They’re excellent quality so I would certainly recommend moo.com if you’re looking for similar.

I have no desire to do this for an actual job, so I did of course question my use for these cards. However, as I shoot more and more I end up taking about it on a regular basis and it’s easier to simply hand someone a pile of cards so they can see a sample of my work and have a handy little card to keep which reminds them where to go later on in the day. It’s certainly quicker and easier than pulling out the iPhone/iPad just to show someone a few images.

I think the main reason I got them, however, was for the times when I’m out on a shoot and someone asks me to take a photo for them. I’m a nice guy. I don’t mind chatting to people about what I’m doing for a few minutes and really don’t mind taking a shot of someone or something on request. I’ve had people receive these greatly in the past; one family were happy I snapped a member of their clan running the London Marathon, a drunk guy gave me cash to take his photo, and so on.

However, there have been other times when I’ve taken photos on request and taken the time to process them and send them off to those who requested them and then simply had nothing in return. I think it’s quite rude to pester a photographer at a zoo, ask them to take a photo of a baby gorilla for them and send it via email only to then not even send a quick thank you in return.

So, from now on if someone requests a photo I will still happily take it, but then they will receive one of my cards. If they email me explaining that we met and that they would still like for me to send them the image then I’m happy to do so and even if they don’t respond to that they will have at least have had to make the initial effort to reach out to me and email anyway.

Plus…when they see how bad my actual shot of them on the spur of the moment was, they will come to my site and see that I can actually take a reasonable photo, so it must in fact be their fault this particular one turned out underexposed and with what looks like a tree coming out of their head due to poor composition…