I like stairs and staircases. Oddly, since doing HDR over the past however months I haven’t done the classic view of looking straight down to the floor with a staircase spiraling around the outside of the image…I must fix that.

This image was shot in the same mill section as my previous image of the grain chute. As my previous stair image was so well received I had contemplated turning this one to black and white as well; however as soon as I saw this back on my home PC I knew black and white wasn’t going to be right for it at all.

In a place that was pretty much a death trap I was happy enough walking up the stairs that were left throughout as these seemed to actually be quite sound; they certainly felt a lot safer and more stable than the majority of the floor did.

Again I thought it would be interesting with this shot to see the original image and the tonemapped image. I’ve started to alter the perspective on my images where needed and straighten up some of the really crooked lines that you see; in this case you will notice it in the top beam which was curving down to the right in the location, but which I’ve decided to straighten up for the purposes of this shot.

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  1. Thanks for your comments guys, appreciated. Another shot from this mill is coming up shortly 😉

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