The Mickey Mouse Club

This is another shot from the lovely Lillesden School for Girls. When we arrived at this location we were a little shocked to see that we had been spotted by someone and thought our trip may have come to a premature end before even gaining access. Luckily it turned out to be another happy snapper who was there for the same purposes, but who had decided to vacate as soon as we arrived. Maybe as a solo photographer he felt uncomfortable with two strangers arriving and didn’t know whether we were good or bad eggs.

Although it didn’t show up too well in this shot Mickey has a fluorescent green blood splatter glowing very faintly around him, the dying remains of a glow stick of some sort. It’s a little more prominent in the bottom right hand side of the image where a large gloop appears to be formed on the black surface.

I’m not sure that Mickey Mouse would have green blood, as I assocate that with aliens rather than cartoon mice.

I also don’t know why he decided to hang himself, or indeed how long he has been there for.

If anyone knows the particular artist (and the motivation behind this image perhaps) then drop a little note in to the comments box if you would. Thanks.

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