Soldier! Soldier!

This is the third image I have processed from the Creche at West Park. With each of them I seem to have a morbid fascination with the fact the area was designed for children who have long since gone. Hopefully they have all grown up to live happy and healthy lives, but with this location, and with the top floor of the Lillesden School for Girls, my imagination goes into overdrive and I think of ghosts, or a sense that the children have just disappeared rather than moved on, and that they haven’t changed at all, remaining as they are in these places rather than growing up. Not quite as jolly as Peter Pan, but that’s where my mind goes to.

My initial thoughts on this image were to add a blurred edge to the right hand side as I wanted the long, empty, decaying corridor to be somewhere that the viewer notices but doesn’t want to go. After playing with that for a while, however, it really wasn’t working and I needed something else that would give the same sense of a forbidden place that was cold and would only lead you to danger. So I abandoned the blur altogether and went for a reduction of colours to try and give the impression of coldness, and as if the corridor itself is dead.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this corridor is the kind of place I can imagine a Dementor gliding through, with all life and colour being zapped out of it as they work their way through it.

Unfortunately the lack of blur means that the focal point of the two soldiers is now lost a little to the corridor itself. They stand in warning, and I hope are urging the viewer to go no further down this path, but to take the left hand door way instead which is altogether a warmer and safer option.

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  1. Thanks Jesse, I wasn’t sure if the burned out part would be a little too much down the corridor, but I think I’m happy with the result.

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