Misty Morning

The title of an image is, I feel, pretty hard to get right at times. It’s also a pretty important factor to consider when you’re displaying your work…as it is something that people will take into account and it will, to some degree, sway how the viewer interprets the image.

Take a look at this image by Steve Beal and try to do so without looking at the title of the post – I’ll wait here whilst you head over there.

Did you see what I did at first glance? I saw an awesome ray of sunshine coming through the windows and a busy station which has captured the hustle and bustle of rush hour commuters. Then my eye followed the direction of the people who are walking in the middle of the image and I suddenly saw a bit of distortion which looks very out of place. After I had seen this I noticed the same over the left side. My mind thinks something is not right, and that I’m on the fence as to whether or not I like it. Is it a good image? Is it intentional?

However, seeing that the title of the post is ‘Ghost Central’ makes me look at the image with the expectation that I will see a ghost. I see the distortions in a completely new light and create a story in my mind that explains what I see in a way that the title of the post dictates that I should.

Now onto my image above, and the fact this shot – which is called ‘Misty Morning’ on Flickr – now has the title ‘Shrouded in Mist’ here. It’s because I have a confession to make.

I haven’t been able to concentrate too much on processing over the past few days, have been busy with other things, out with friends a lot, and so on. Plus, there is still a lot I need to learn about processing.

The mist in this image is not real. It’s been photoshopped in. Heck, the shot wasn’t even taken in the morning, I think I took it around 1pm.

When I was processing this shot it was all working out quite well. The castle looked suitably castle-like, the ducks were in frame and not ghosted, it had nice reflections, etc. The only thing I didn’t really like was the dull sky, so I thought I would add a tiny bit more blue/grey over it all and hide the dominant dark grey clouds a little.

This went okay with the exception of the tree. My masking when it comes to trees is awful! There are too many little bits between the branches that I can never seem to get to (and if anyone has a technique to share in doing this, I would love to learn). After I completed the overall sky editing there were sections of the tree, in between the branches, that retained the original white sky colour and therefore looks very out of place.

So I took the lazy option and decided to fill those parts in using a brush of a grey colour, and this suddenly made my mind imagine that the grey was mist. By painting over the difficult parts I was able to hide my bad photoshop skills a little (though you will see this now that you are aware of it). I’ve never painted mist into anything before so wasn’t too sure how convincing it would be.

I decided this was an image for Flickr, and not for this blog, so I threw it up there and in an attempt to try and make the scene a little more believable I called it ‘Misty Morning’. If anyone looked at it and wondered why there was a greyness to it all, they would see the title and it would sink in that it’s an early morning mist…and boy was I dedicated to get up at an unusual hour to capture this beauty.

The image has been quite well received, and made the lower end of the Explore list on Flickr that day. I do feel as if I’m deceiving my audience a little though by pretending it is something that it’s not.

I guess that’s artistic license though…right?

2 thoughts on “Shrouded in Mist”

  1. I fell in love with this image when I saw it on Flickr, and the new title hasn’t diminished my admiration. Heck, Mike, my wife even commented on it. She doesn’t even comment on my images, so that proves how special it really is. Great job!

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