Sunset Pier

One of the more relaxed shoots of last weekend was right after we had finished up at Hellingly Hospital and were heading back to the cottage to freshen up and grab food when we decided to stop for an hour at Eastbourne Pier. Though this was around the time the sun was setting we couldn’t actually see the sun going down, but were able to get some good light in this ‘magic hour’.

The beach was actually closed with hazard tape up along the entry points and signs stating ‘access strictly prohibited’. I’m not sure why it was closed, and could see no real reason for it; but it did mean that what would normally be quite a busy location was now free for us to check out without people getting in the way. Heck, if I paid attention to these kinds of signs I wouldn’t be much of an urban explorer now would I?

I actually found this image a bit of a struggle to do as I’m pretty tired today; I didn’t have the best night of sleep and woke up with a hangover, and then spent most of the day in a musty abandoned tunnel with steel wool. I see the value in processing and post scheduling a variety of images when you’re in the mood so that you can take the day off and not have to process images each day that comes around.

I’m certainly going to look into doing that and having some images on standby. For those who are already organised enough to do this, how many posts do you generally have stored and scheduled for such times when you really don’t have the energy or time to process and blog?

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