The Beacon

Here’s another shot from the Beachy Head lighthouse series, and the third which I’ve published to date.

Considering the lighthouse was only really viewable from one side, due to the ocean on the other, I’m finding that I was able to take quite a few unique shots at this location, especially as the trip was split over two days and were taken firstly from the foot of the lighthouse itself, and then from the cliff edge on day two.

The way the images are processed also helps to make the images different of course, and for this one I opted to get rid of most of the colour, which wasn’t a great range anyway, and draw the eye to the red and white stripes of the lighthouse itself. I think the addition of a little vignette also makes it a more moody landscape.

This was one of the last shots I took on the Saturday morning; it wasn’t the best sunrise we could have had, but at this point we could see that the sun really was trying to penetrate the clouds and break through for the day. The fog had pretty much lifted fully by this point.

My hangover was setting in a little bit more at this point, and the lack of breakfast wasn’t helping (I had left my cold sausages and hard boiled egg in the car) so I was not relishing the prospect of walking back over the rocks for an hour to get to the part of the cliff we could climb up to get home.

As mentioned previously though; I’m really glad to have made the trip to the base of the lighthouse as it did certainly offer a more unique view than people would normally get from this location…and that’s what I think photography is all about.

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  1. Thanks John. Cold sausages are pretty nice when you’re super hungry…but the cold hard boiled egg was much nicer. nom.

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