Wash & Burn

Here’s another shot taken at Hellingly; if you have seen images of the place before you’ve likely seen this kind of shot as I think it may be a little cliché.

I didn’t manage to compose this one quite how I would have liked; originally I wanted to be a little higher, further left and a little bit back from where I was. Alas, thing such as a wall, and the fact some idiot had spray painted a large orange penis* onto the graffiti meant I had to be a little more flexible in how I composed this in order to get the kind of shot I wanted.

Apart from those niggling little things I’m pretty happy overall with how it turned out.

I’m having fun just now processing different types of images taken from my weekend away. Sure, it seems a little weird jumping from a location such as this to the refreshing view of a lighthouse at dawn, but nice to keep things fresh by not going over the same ground all the time.


Further to a suggestion by John Sotiriou I’ve added a couple of links for Tweeting and Facebooking these posts. You’ll find them at the bottom of each post and…well…you can guess what happens when you click on them huh. If anyone uses ‘better’ ones on your own blog then I’m open to suggestions on what to use.

*That link takes you to a Flickr photo of the Graffiti, not to a very dodgy site 🙂

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  1. Thanks Viveca; It wasn’t the most comfortable spot for me to work from but was glad to be able to get around the new detail. You have some great coverage of this location, one of my favourites being your ‘The Last Days of Hell‘ image.

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