Beachy Head

This image was taken, as you can see, standing on the cliff edge of Beachy Head in East Sussex. It’s very picturesque, and the third highest rated suicide jump spot in the world. You have to wonder why someone who is in a position to kill themselves has it in their mind to do so at such a beautiful spot. Do they wish to see one last bit of beauty in their life before they go…or do they just know that there is a high success rate here?

My boss grew up in this area so wanted an image to use as a screensaver for his laptop; I’m hoping this is sufficient – though would be willing for him to schedule a ‘work trip’ to the top two suicide hot spots if they are more desirable…I hear San Francisco is nice.

I’ve made it sound like my boss has a desire to have a photo of a suicide hotspot – that’s not the case…I hope.


In other news, I’m finally getting organised with my images. With a new blog comes new responsibility, and what with coming back from a weekend away with around 1500 images (sure, mostly bracketed) I thought it about time I actually figure out a system to store, process and – more importantly – retrieve my images.

I must at this point give credit to Brian Matiash and his HDR Best Practices Guide, especially Part Two which covers image management. I read Part One when I started learning HDR and it was a great help. Give it another 6 months and I’ll be ready to grasp Part Three! I certainly recommend this to anyone learning HDR. I know the go to guide is the Stuck In Customs one, which I read also and did learn a lot from, but I’m finding the one from Brian has a lot more depth to it and is the one I’ve returned to after learning the basics.

Over time I think image management will be easier, perhaps second nature. All I know is that it’s currently a mess but getting better. I’m moving my photos over to a new 1TB drive and tagging them, etc, in the process. It’ll take a while to go through the historical stuff, but it’s a good thing to do and at least I’m doing it one year in, and only 6 months into my HDR stuff, so that’s better than having many years worth of images built up before I finally grow up and get it done.

6 thoughts on “Beachy Head”

  1. Thanks Mike. The ‘buoy’ in the distance is actually the lighthouse in my post from a few days ago – it’s just quite far away in this image. I did the foot of the lighthouse one morning and the view from the cliffs the second morning to try and get it from various angles. The cliff location was certainly much easier than climbing over the rocks to get to the base!

  2. Again, Claus, thanks for your comments. I certainly felt tiny and insignificant on this cliff edge 🙂

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