Someone Is Watching

As I was working my way around Hellingly Hospital I saw a wall to the side of a doorframe that had this nice hole in it; there were a few other holes just before it and as soon as I saw them I was, for some reason, attracted to them. However, lining up a shot I thought something was missing from it and couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was…perhaps the light coming in from behind it due to a large hole where the window used to be.

I took a quick glance from the other side of the wall to see if it was better from there, and that’s when I noticed my buddy John setting up a shot further down the corridor; I could see him clearly through this hole and thought that’s the extra thing that was required.

Once John had finished his shot I called him over and had him look through this gap and put his fingers through the lower hole in the wall. The fingers didn’t look right in the shot, so I pulled the camera up closer and a little higher and focussed purely on the eye and nothing else.

I like how the shot turned out in the end; it has a nice sinister tone (I guess that comes with some guy looking through a hole in a wall) and at the same time is a little distant as the eye is not looking directly at the camera.

Sinister…but safe.

4 thoughts on “Someone Is Watching”

  1. Thanks John…it is fun indeed; most of the time I end up doing nothing to a scene so it’s good when I remember to create a suitable composition on location.

  2. Mike,
    I love the new format. It’s very clean, and I agree, it opens you up to being able to post a wide array of images. What I don’t see however is a mechanism that allows for sharing via twitter (I use “AddThis” so it’s not an issue for me), or a faicebook “like” button. Perhaps that was intentional. Either way, good luck with the new site, and rest assured I’ll keep following your wonderful posts!

  3. John – you’re right; there is no mechanism. That was not by design! I will look into adding something like this, and also tweaking a few other things (link colours in comments being one of them).

    Thanks for the suggestion, and your comments!


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