Welcome to the new home for my photoblog.

Originally I had started a blog over at HDR Photography, and for good reason at the time. It was the HDR process which got me hooked on photography. Before I knew of HDR I used the camera very little; a few special events here and there such as the London Marathon. I’ve always liked the idea of photography for some reason, but have only recently enabled myself to do it when I finally decided to splash out and buy a camera.

I ended up with the Canon 500d. Sure, it’s an entry level camera – but I love it! It’s also the first camera I’ve ever owned so I don’t really know any better. I’ve figured after the short time I’ve been taking photos that the camera body is only a small part of the game. A lot of weight is on the actual glass and processing side of things; but then a lot more weight is also on me. I think I would get similar results regardless of which camera I hold – except for the full frame thing.

The image above is of one of the more iconic sites in London. It was taken the first day I bought my tripod; it was a lot of money to spend when I had only taken a few HDR photos previously. I figured it was time to get a little more serious; sure it’s only a hobby but I want to try and get good at it. This image, for me, justified the £200 I had spent that day on my tripod and ball head.

I posted it here, as my first post on this blog, partially because it’s still one of the favourite photos I have taken – but also because it’s iconic London and that, just like this domain name, is where I call my home.

I’ve had murphyz.co.uk for around 10 years now, and though I’ve used it for email and my forum and such like I’ve never really made use of the root of the name, always opting for folders or subdomains instead.

Using it for my photography feels right to me now. Sure, it’s only a hobby – and I have no real reason to change that and no desire to turn pro – but it’s something I enjoy and feel it’s something that will be with me for a long time to come. I want to improve, I want to be recognised and admired for the shots I take, and I do think I’m better than a lot of people out there. I’m still critical of myself though, and I know I’m only a small way into the process.

I read several photoblogs, mostly those which are HDR or UrbEx related, and I would class 90% of these people as being better than me at this time. Better at seeing a shot, composing shots, and certainly better at processing shots. This gives me something to aim for.

At this time I see these people as inspiration; one day I will call them peers.

It’s going to be a long journey, and I hope you’ll check back in on me along the way.

9 thoughts on “New Home”

  1. Wow. Love the above picture. Don’t recall seeing it before, though you’ve probably shared it. It is incredible incredible and awesomely full of awesomeness…in and awesome way.

    (And why are “Name” and “Email” required fields for leaving a comment, but “Comment” is not? Isn’t putting something in the “Comment” field kind of the whole point of leaving a comment and therefore should be required?)

  2. Hmm. And it seems the comments appear as white lettering on a white field? You might need to tweak that a bit. 😉

  3. Thanks Tah – I think it does come up with an error if leaving the comment form blank, though have no idea why a star stating it’s required isn’t there – perhaps it’s too obvious that if you wish to leave a comment then you should perhaps…you know…write a comment 🙂

    I’ve changed the colour of the comments box to grey, thanks for that.


  4. Congratulations on the new blog home on your own domain, Michael. I’ve added your blog to the subscriptions in my feed reader. Whether pro or amateur, you and the other photographers I follow are all fine artists, living life, and growing as artists along the way. I really do appreciate being able to enjoy the work of our peers and interact with each other over the formidable physical distance.

  5. Beautiful photo man…well done. Great time of the day, nice orange glow in the clouds…excellent location. Probably hard to photograph something that has been shot a billion times, but I like this one!

    And congrats on the new blog and new direction you are headed….I like it.

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