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Misty morning at Angkor Wat

If you ever visit the Angkor Complex in Cambodia, may I suggest that you stick on a pair of headphones and wander around attempting to find areas where there are less people. It was by doing this that I felt … Continue reading

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Sycamore Gap

What an awesome scene this is. Sure, it’s a tree standing beside a wall in the English countryside. However, it’s also a little bit of history, and a little bit of Hollywood. To start with, the tree was used in … Continue reading

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Mountain cabin

This is a cabin. It was in the mountains. It’s hiding behind that tree. Looking at this scene now I think I wish that the tree was on the other side of the hut, rather than the leading corner. I … Continue reading

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June in Slovakia provided lush green foliage wherever you looked, the rich hues varying greatly – it was very pleasing on the eye, and I can only imagine how beautiful it would all look in Autumn. Hiking up the mountain, … Continue reading

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The seat under the tree

I bet this seat is a lovely place to hide from the sun on a blisteringly hot day, the leaves providing a natural and colourful canopy. I bet you could even spend a nice relaxing hour laying down in it … Continue reading

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A cold spell

I do wish this weather would make it’s mind up – it’s pretty darn unpredictable out there at the moment, and the cold wind this morning took my breath away. I spent this weekend in the country, mostly curled up … Continue reading

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Reflected limbs

This image was taken just around the corner from yesterday’s image, which is cool as this is all lovely glass and futuristic, whereas yesterday’s was all derelict and grungy. It’s one of those images where I knew that the result … Continue reading

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