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I can’t for the life of me remember where this little village was. I know it was in Italy. Or Austria. Pretty sure it was Italy though. After a while all of these picturesque villages started to look the same, … Continue reading

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Misty morning at Angkor Wat

If you ever visit the Angkor Complex in Cambodia, may I suggest that you stick on a pair of headphones and wander around attempting to find areas where there are less people. It was by doing this that I felt … Continue reading

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It’s rare that I post an image straight out of camera, and this is no exception – but it is pretty darn close to it. I straightened the building on the left a little as it looked odd at the … Continue reading

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Ocean Mist

It was a windy night as we rushed from one spot of coastline to another trying to get a sunset in. My maps showed a few roads leading right down to the sea where we would be able to find … Continue reading

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A cold spell

I do wish this weather would make it’s mind up – it’s pretty darn unpredictable out there at the moment, and the cold wind this morning took my breath away. I spent this weekend in the country, mostly curled up … Continue reading

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This is a bit like what it looks like in London today. Except for the church…and the hills. That blanket of mist however, that’s what we do have right now. This is another image from the beautiful Iceland, somewhere I … Continue reading

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Branch Out

Driving around Cornwall in the early morning we came across a valley that was covered in fog, and which this image does not fully capture. I love scenes where you’re looking down on a landscape and can see the morning … Continue reading

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