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Shibuya series – go

Shibuya series - go

I’m finishing this week long series taken from the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo with this image of a guy who was a little too preoccupied with his phone to care about the act of crossing the road itself.

He was dawdling along at quite a slow pace, and the traffic had started moving around him before he managed to get to his final destination, however it gave me an excellent opportunity to take a photo of him with the bright lights of cars and buses in the background.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, it’s certainly something a little different to my usual style of work. Next week I’m going to do another series from my time in Japan, and from the photos I’ve processed so far I’m pretty excited by it.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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Metro Lights

Metro Lights

My first trip to New York resulted in my first trips on the metro system, and the only thing I have to compare it to is that of the London underground. Here are my thoughts on the differences spotted:

1) The NYC metro seems to run all night long – this is awesome, especially when heading out to Brooklyn for a sunrise! Ours stops around midnight/1am.
2) The NYC metro didn’t seem overly busy at the times I was moving around on it. The London underground is often jam packed and rather hot and uncomfortable for it.
3) The NYC platforms seem to get litter removed, but not actually cleaned. I think the London tube staff do an excellent job of keeping it all clean and, well, less sticky.
4) The cost to ride in NYC is much better than here, $2.25 for a single journey instead of something like £4.30.
5) We have ‘rats’ that are small moused sized. NYC really have rats!
6) The London underground has swift trains throughout the day, arriving every couple of minutes on a good schedule. In NYC I was never too sure when a train may turn up, and it wasn’t always signposted at each station.

This last point did allow me to take a few shots here and there though, which is how I managed to get the above image :)

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Friday already, and I thought I would end the week with a shot of Canary Wharf taken a few weeks ago while I was out with Dylan, James and John. As I was taking these exposures a boat drove wandered sailed past and left a nice light streak across the bottom third of the image; I would have liked it to be a little closer to leave the trails slightly lower, but am happy enough with what they add to the shot.

It was a pretty cold night and we had contemplated walking to Greenwich from here, around 2 miles, and back up through the foot tunnel to Canary Wharf. Instead we jumped back on the tube to go back a stop, and a few shots later ended up in the pub. This was followed by a brief trip to London Bridge and another stop in the pub.

I’m officially going to stop calling them photowalks and refer to them by the appropriate title of pubcrawls very soon.


Last week I celebrated one year of this photoblog and posted a few of my favourite shots from the previous year. Thanks to everyone who voted for their personal favourites out of this batch, I’m pleased to announce that your preferred shot was The Day The Music Died

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The Dome

The Dome

The Millennium Dome in London was built for the Millennium Experience, a year long series of exhibitions to commemorate the year 2000. I think it was mocked by most leading up to the launch, and certainly didn’t do as well as it was expected to. Nowadays it’s the O2 Arena and is used for gigs and other events throughout the year.

Regardless of the intention of the building or what it’s used for now, there is no denying it is a pretty unique structure and one that is often photographed by those who see it.

This is my first posted shot that was taken with the shiny new 5d Mark II – a superb camera that I am really enjoying getting to grips with. I say shiny, it’s already showing a little war paint as I have managed to drop it from chest height already. 36 hours in before that little gem happened. I thought I had it safely locked into the tripod, which has become pretty fussy lately with the RC plate locking in. I was wrong, and it plummeted to the concrete ground. Originally I thought it had nothing more than a little scratch on the corner which had taken the impact, however upon further investigation the next morning I noted there is a crack in the frame. It still works perfectly well, and the camera itself along with the glass that was attached are in perfect working order…just a bit annoying what with it being so fresh. I feel I took it very well though.

It could have been worse, of course. At least it only fell from chest height onto the floor at my feet…it could easily have fallen over the opposite side of the wall I was placing my tripod on, coming to a swift end 48 floors below.

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Slanted Scoop

Slanted Scoop

Another trip back to More London today and another shot of City Hall, this time at a bit of a slant.

I’ve heard a few people complaining lately that they have faced issues with security in this location, not just when using a tripod but at times when they are just using the camera hand held. It’s such a shame, as this is a very photogenic place and the more photographers shoot it, the more exposure it gets and the more we will see visitors to this magnificent city will want to go there.


I’ve been flying under the radar this week. My head has been down, and my days consist of work, a little socialising and a lot of attempting to sleep. I have my reasons, but won’t bore you with them at this time. It has meant, however, that Christmas is suddenly creeping up on me and with 10 days to go I have not bought/sent any cards, nor have I even thought about who I need to buy gifts for, let alone what to get them. I have been giving a little bit of thought to 2012 however, and though I’m not one to make resolutions there are a few things I want to do in the near future to assist with my photography. I’ll share these with you in due course, but #1 on the list is having my eyes checked out. My vision has been getting progressively worse over the years and it’s about time I bit the bullet and got some glasses or contacts. I can spend 12 hours or more a day sat behind a PC and I don’t think that helps me at all, but lately I’ve found myself straining at times and after trying a work colleagues glasses on for fun I realised how bad my vision had become – scrutinizing all of these pixels certainly has taken it’s toll.

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OXO Boardwalk

OXO Boardwalk

Another image I’ve sat on for a while and didn’t initially like due to the blue spotlight on the OXO Tower; however I haven’t had the time or energy to process over the weekend and pre-processed shots are thin on the ground.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend…mine was very long and I’m glad to be at work in the new office with everything all settled in.

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Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act

Stood high up on the corner of a building, watching as the city moves quietly below is a great sensation, and a huge contrast to the regular daytime where you are pushing your way through the hoards of people fighting for space on the streets or public transport.

It’s peaceful up there, alone with your thoughts and the heightened senses that comes with standing in a location where you know in your mind you should be safe, it is just standing still after all – something you do every day, but with the knowledge that if something were to happen it would not end well.

I fainted on the tube once, many years ago. I wasn’t sick, hand’t been drinking the night before, and was just on my way to work. It wasn’t blistering heat or anything like that…for some reason I just fainted. One minute standing up, the next feeling I was in bed and trapped in my duvet, and the next realising I was on the tube. I was sick for three days after that but the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with me.

It’s that thought I come back to often when stood on the edge. I’m confident in my ability to stand, to hold, to climb. I’m not confident that the sudden blackness that I encountered many years ago won’t return for some unknown reason.

On this particular trip, as I stood on a similar outcropping section of an incomplete building, concentrating on standing, willing myself to breathe and with my thoughts on that day that I fainted I was suddenly brought back to reality by a shout of ‘Oi…Police’ and the shining of a torch in my eyes. Not the best place to be stood when someone startles you. Unable to see anything but the torchlight on one side and a 20 storey drop to the other I walked sheepishly towards the light, happy that there wasn’t a bounding police dog to go with that shout, but sad that this particular trip should end so soon after it started.

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