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Deshi basara

Deshi basara

This is my take on quite a popular view in London.

It’s the PWC building at More London, and many people who have taken similar shots have agreed that the architecture, from certain angles, can resemble elements of the Batman logo. I would have to agree, and after seeing images from here a lot, I finally managed to walk the extra few paces from my normal route to get here and take a photo myself. I think part of the problem has been wanting to take the shot during the day, and I most frequently pass this area at night.

The title of this post is from The Dark Knight Rises; I thought I may as well continue with the Batman theme.

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Star Wars vs Batman

Star Wars vs Batman

To celebrate the launch of the Complete Star Wars Saga on BluRay, the iconic BT Tower in London held a launch party and attempted to light the tower up as if it were a lightsabre.

As a lightsabre it failed pretty hard, and as I’m also not a huge Star Wars fan I thought it would be fun to turn this into something more appropriate. The beam of light being thrown out seemed, to me, more like a beacon calling for help than a futuristic laser sword, and so I thought a Batman symbol would be a little more apt for it.

Saying that, I enjoyed the fact they tried to do something new and fun, and of course it gave me a decent photo opportunity.

Friday already! I hope everyone has a great weekend; thanks for all of your comments and retweets this week, appreciated.

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I Dreamt I Was Batman

I Dreamt I Was Batman

I was up a few high buildings over the bank holiday weekend, but didn’t seem to take too many shots up there. I seem to be spending more and more time enjoying the locations I visit and less time snapping anything and everything in sight.

For this shot I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve and, apart from donning a cape a mask, managed to get pretty close to it.

I’m not too deluded though. I know I’m not Batman, nor a super hero of any other kind. He is one of my favourites though simply because he’s a ‘superhero’ without having all of the actual superpowers that others possess. Spider-man has his web thing and is quite jumpy, Superman can fly, has super strength and x-ray vision etc.

Batman is just a man with a cape and some really cool tech and a bit of ninja skills. We could all have that if we had the funds and time to invest in it.

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