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Red alert

Red alert

I’m not sure why there were several fires on the outskirts of Riga while I was there earlier this year. I noticed them as I was arriving in Latvia on the plane, and when I was leaving too; I also noticed them whenever I was at the top of a nice tall building – you can see a large one on the left of the horizon in this image, and smaller one to the right.

While on top of this building, which is a university, the sun was going down and the lights were coming on, which included the red warning lights which I thought were pretty cool extending from the building.

We spend so much time trying to shoot around things and get some items out of our shots to focus on what’s behind them, it’s nice to sometimes just bring that foreground item in as the subject.

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Red Alert

Red Alert

At the top of a high building you will often find a red light or two – these ones have energy saving lightbulbs in them, which is nice. You see them on the top of cranes as well.

They are there to warn low flying planes that there is something in the flight path should they be in this area…of course we just use them as a photo opportunity.

This image is something I rarely do…an almost straight out of camera shot.

I had taken brackets as always, but tonemapping it just brought out way too much detail…for once this was something I didn’t want. The normal bracket was almost perfect as it was, but the lightbulbs were a little blown out, so I masked in a little bit from the -2 bracket to bring back the orange tint.

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