Blue Harbour

The problem with photographing a sunset is that I seem to spend a lot of time waiting for the light to change, and little time composing variant shots. This means I end up with the camera mounted on a tripod and then leaving it there to take occasional brackets of the variance in light. I then take an image that I’m reasonably happy with, on this occasion one of the blueness of the magic hour rather than the sunset itself, to process – and then I need to abandon the other 20 images I took because they are exactly the same scene.

Of course it’s perfectly possible to run from place to place, compose, shoot move on, but it rarely happens. It’s not as if I spend hours setting up the composition either, so there’s no reason why that shouldn’t happen – except for my own laziness.

Are you one of those rush around and take as many different angles as possible kind of people, or are you a little like me and just stand there pushing the button every few minutes once you’ve set yourself up?

2 thoughts on “Blue Harbour”

  1. I’m in your boat. Once the camera’s on the tripod and I’m set up with the view I like, I generally stay put. That being said, this is one fabulous shot! Love those lights and reflections–awesome. 🙂

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