Modern Times

Modern Times

This past weekend was ‘Open House London‘ which is a wonderful weekend held every year in this magnificent city whereby businesses, charities and other entities open their doors for the public to come in and take a quick look at what they have behind usually closed doors.

I find it fascinating how many people share the interest of seeing things in London that they normally don’t get the chance to, evidence by the overwhelming popularity of the event which sees those places where you need to book a ticket completely full minutes after the booking site opens, and the queues to enter some of the more popular spots where you don’t need a pre-booking. I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be one of the relatively small groups of people who go up to rooftops without permission, as the queues would be quite annoying otherwise.

I visited 12 locations over the 2 days, 8 on the Saturday and 4 on the Sunday, and had a lovely time throughout.

The above image was taken on the 18th floor of Broadgate Tower and features a few common buildings from my shots up high – I guess there are limited ‘stand out’ buildings in London for me to focus on. The Gherkin sits at the left of the frame, the Heron Tower in the middle and of course the Shard at the right hand side.

I note yorkshire stacked and mattomatto visited this location the day before I did also, so apologies to them for obviously copying their shots during my visit a day later :o)

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  1. Modern TimesI really like the light in this, nicely captured!

  2. Modern TimesNice one, have been in there with work, no cameras though!

  3. Modern TimesVery moody tones mate! I completely forgot about Open House.

  4. Modern TimesAwesome photo, does really some up the great city of London.

  5. Modern TimesFantastic post production!

  6. Modern TimesBeautiful color, great photo!
    Seen on my Flickr homepage –

  7. Modern Timesnice dark deep mood – very city like 🙂

  8. Jim Denham says:

    Great light and processing Mike!

  9. Modern TimesNice one! I really like the light or processing, which ever it is… remarkable work!

  10. Chris Nitz says:

    This is going to be a totally spectacular skyline when all the construction is completed. Cannot wait to see how you grace it with your camera 🙂

  11. Edith Levy says:

    Wow…fantastic shot. The lighting is amazing.

  12. A.Barlow says:

    I love that building. Looks like a cross between a sci-fi rocket and an Faberge egg. Cool shot man.

  13. Modern Timesreally nice light dude great PP

  14. Modern Times[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    Thanks very much.

    Thank you – it was processing, the light was nowhere near that nice at 10:15 in the morning 🙂